LLC Filing

Limited liability companies (LLC) are becoming increasing popular because of the fact that it can pass incoming straight to the members of the company and also one can choose if it should be taxed as a corporation or as a LLC. Online llc filing is becoming easier today because there are a lot of experienced professionals that are willing to help you out and they have already created a simplified process that will make it much easier for one to create a LLC.

In LLC filing, there a lot of documents those are being returned because of errors, omissions, or misstatements without the other forms being filed. It is important that you know the secrets in order to file for LLC properly.


Check Company Name's Availability


The first thing that you need to do is to check on the availability of the name of the company that you would want to have because there might be another company that has the same name as your and you might be violating intellectual property rights law if you are using a name that has already been copyrighted. Also, your company name should end with the abbreviation LLC on it. Normally, you can check the availability of the company name in your local filing office.

The most important step that you need when doing the LLC filing for your company is that you need to file article of organization with your local state filing office and you need to pay the required fee for this which varies from state to state. In most states today, you can file online or your can mail the form and the fee via mail or your can personally delivery this. This is not the final step that you have to make. In fact there are a number steps after this in order to file your company as a LLC successfully.


Make Sure To Name a Registered Agent


Another very important thing that you have to remember is that you need to name a registered agent and a registered address on the Articles of organization. A registered agent can be a person or a registered company that can accept service of papers if your company is being sued or receive mail from your local state filing office. You can register yourself as the registered agent so that you can take care of all the paperwork about your company.

After the articles of organization has been filed, you need to prepare and sign an operating agreement, however, this is not really required by the state but it is considered to be the most important steps in order to maintain your liability protections and to prevent conflict among members. This also strengthens your limited liability protection that will show that your company is a separate legal entity.